New York State Therapy Protection

Increases in Generic Drug Pricing


Recently there have been significant, often dramatic increases in the price of generic medications, including certain topical dermatologics.  We would like to make you aware of this trend, and to provide current pricing information.  This will allow you to accommodate the financial needs of patients with limited insurance coverage, and to maximize value for the healthcare system.

Below are downloadable databases containing current pricing for all medications.  They contain valuable information on pricing of oral medications.  One databases is sorted by price increase to identify the medications whose costs have been rising most rapidly. 

Skin Topical Database

Sorted by Price Increase

Sorted by Package Price

Sorted Alphabetically

Full Database

Sorted Alphabetically

Drugs That Doubled in Price Sorted by Price Increase

Data Source

This information was obtained  from a federally sponsored nationwide survey of prices paid by retail community pharmacies available at the website.

10/4/12 Survey

10/3/13 Survey