Legislative And Regulatory Adovcacy

A major focus of the NYSSDDS is now on legislative advocacy to enhance access to dermatology services.  There are several legislative initiatives on the state and federal level that we will follow. Periodically, we will encourage your participation in grassroots advocacy campaigns to advance our united legislative and regulatory interests. Please check this page regularly to receive updates on important matters happening in Albany and Washington and what you can do to assure that your interests are heard.

Truth in Advertising Legislation-Studies conducted by the AMA found that patients are undeniably confused about who provides their medical care. Results of a recently conducted survey reveal multiple examples of confusion by the public. 67% of respondents believed that a podiatrist was a medical doctor and 50% of the respondents believed that a psychologist was a medical doctor. A mere 69% of respondents believed that an ophthalmologist is a medical doctor. This confusion is exacerbated by advertisements which fail to specify the title and type of license held by the health professional advertising his or her services…Click Here to view entire bill memo

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Dental Scope of Practice-Legislation which would permit oral and maxillofacial dentists to perform a wide range of medical surgical procedures involving the hard or soft tissues of the oral maxillofacial area  passed the Senate in two of the preceding three Legislative Sessions. We anticipate reintroduction of the bill this year. We will keep you apprised of the reintroduction and potential movement of the bill…Click Here to continue